The Hope Cove Archive Group continues with its project to produce a history of the Parish of South Huish in South Devon. The parish comprises the two small inland hamlets of South Huish and Galmpton and the larger villages of Inner Hope and Outer Hope, which are now joined together along the shore at Hope Cove.
The story begins in the first millennium BC and continues in outline until the invention of the camera in the mid 1880’s. Thereafter, the visual record and comment upon it, will complete the portrayal up to the beginning of the third millennium AD when some of the groups members were born.

This is being achieved by drawing on the experience of group members and to involve the community through information gathering exercises including a questionnaire which was delivered to all local households.

Also, regular public presentations are  held at the local village hall and annual exhibitions in the Fishermen’s Reading Room–the spiritual home of the group. The aim of the project, including the book, is to increase archive material which will then form the basis for a further phase, producing subject-specific publications and practices in the local area.

The first edition of the book was published in August of 2005 and focused on the theme of earning a living, whether by fishing, farming, “the taking of visitors”, or tourism. Within this theme will be described home, school, church and how villagers spent their working and leisure times. The second book contains some 160 pages, and includes many additions and corrections to our first edition. More information on the contents are covered in the attachments. Copies may be obtained by contacting any of the officers named in the Archive Group page.

Where are we?
We are as far south as you can get in Devon without getting wet feet. Plymouth is 20 miles to the north-west across Bigbury Bay and Torquay is 25 miles north and east.

Kingsbridge is at the northern end of the estuary (or more accurately the ria) with Salcombe at the southern end. From Bolt Head westwards along the south coast are high cliffs round to Bolt Tail, and hidden in the lee of the Tail lies Hope Cove. Within the cove are the two villages of Inner Hope to the south and Outer Hope to the north.

Galmpton and South Huish are both a mile inland up two parallel valleys, Galmpton to the south and South Huish to the north.
The whole area is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


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